ICP Forests Level II Finland Juupajoki plot nr. 11

General Information
Location Type
ICP Forests Level II plot nr. 11 in Juupajoki is located in a Norway spruce forest that was clearcut and re-established again with Norway spruce seedlings in 2017. The monitoring activities on the plot were started in 1995. It is a part of Finnish ICP Forests Level II programme and belongs to the pan-European ICP Forests intensive monitoring programme (Level II) established under the UN-ECE Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP).

The aim of Level II programme is to gain better understanding of cause-effect relationships between the condition of forest ecosystems and anthropogenic as well as natural stress factors. The monitoring activities are carried out following the methods described in ICP Forests Manual. The monitoring activities are run by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).
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