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LTSER Zone Atelier Bassin du Rhône
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The LTSER platform Zone Atelier Bassin du Rhône belongs to LTER-France network and is located in south eastern France, ranging from the Alp mountains to the Camargue delta, in the mediterannean sea. The LTSER focus on aquatic continental ecosystems (lakes, rivers and wetlands) from alpin to mediterannean climats. The ZABR aims at elucidating the relationship between a large river, the Rhône river, its channel and associated ecosystems and the societies established in its landscape, using a multidisciplinary approach. Research topics include physical and chimical characteristics, ecosystem dynamics, sociological studies. Long term changes in ecological processing and pollution are taken into account using paleoecological studies. Perception of the natural and anthropised environment are considered through geographical and sociological studies.
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The Rhone Basin Long Term Environment Research is organized in Observatory and / or Experimental subsites. Research programs provide knowledge to stakeholders and decision makers, contributing to the sustainable management of rivers and watersheds. It is a researchers and partners network with a scientific label of the CNRS, 23 universities, schools or research organisations and 300 researchers. It aims to provide to decision makers a methodology to evaluate the effects of watershed rehabilitation or restoration on river hydrosystems, in terms of biodiversity, sustainability (lasting effects), ecological services and potential uses. Four research themes are crossed with experimental sites : 1) climatic change and resources, 2) flows, forms, habitats and biocoenocis, 3) pollution fluxes, ecotoxicology and ecosystems, 4) social observation of riverine territories.
agricultural parameter
agricultural parameter » mineral nitrogen mineralised from organic matter
agricultural parameter » nitrate flow in drain
agricultural parameter » nitrogen symbiotic fixation
atmospheric parameter
atmospheric parameter » plant carbon concentration
atmospheric parameter » precipitation intensity
atmospheric parameter » snow depth
biological parameter
biological parameter » age class
biological parameter » change in population size over time
biological parameter » emergence date
biological parameter » flowering date
biological parameter » leaf area
biological parameter » leaf area ratio
biological parameter » nitrogen content
biological parameter » plant cover
biological parameter » plant development stage
biological parameter » plant nutrient
biological parameter » population size
biological parameter » root density
biological parameter » root growth rate
biological parameter » root length
biological parameter » tree age
biological parameter » tree condition
biological parameter » tree diameter
biological parameter » tree height
chemical parameter » acid neutralising capacity
chemical parameter » ammonium content
chemical parameter » ammonium nitrate concentration
chemical parameter » ammonium nitrogen content
chemical parameter » dissolved nutrient
chemical parameter » dissolved organic carbon in water
chemical parameter » nutrient availability
chemical parameter » percent carbon
chemical parameter » percent organic carbon
chemical parameter » redox potential of water
chemical parameter » suspended solids
chemical parameter » total carbon
chemical parameter » total organic carbon
ecosystem parameter
ecosystem parameter » annelida presence
ecosystem parameter » bacteria abundance
ecosystem parameter » bacteria presence
ecosystem parameter » benthic invertebrates abundance
ecosystem parameter » benthic invertebrates presence
ecosystem parameter » birds abundance
ecosystem parameter » birds presence
ecosystem parameter » community composition
ecosystem parameter » disturbance pattern
ecosystem parameter » diversity index
ecosystem parameter » ecosystem structure
ecosystem parameter » faunistic diversity
ecosystem parameter » floristic diversity
ecosystem parameter » germination date
ecosystem parameter » ground water level
ecosystem parameter » groundwater permeability
ecosystem parameter » habitat structure
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ecosystem parameter » tree distribution
ecosystem parameter » vegetation layer composition
ecosystem parameter » vegetation layer structure
ecosystem parameter » vegetation layer type
ecosystem parameter » vegetation reflectance
environmental parameter » abiotic heterogeneity
genetic parameter
landscape parameter
landscape parameter » land cover
landscape parameter » land use
landscape parameter » land use intensity
landscape parameter » landscape composition
landscape parameter » landscape configuration
landscape parameter » landscape connectivity
landscape parameter » landscape fragmentation
landscape parameter » landscape metrics
landscape parameter » patch density
landscape parameter » patch size
soil parameter » soil nutrient
water parameter
water parameter » chlorophyll content of water
water parameter » conductivity
water parameter » hydraulic conductivity
water parameter » lake level
water parameter » lake temperature
water parameter » photosynthetically active radiation intensity
water parameter » runoff amount
water parameter » secchi depth
water parameter » stream order
water parameter » water acidity
water parameter » water alkalinity
water parameter » water depth
water parameter » water level
water parameter » water quality
water parameter » water table
water parameter » water temperature
water parameter » water velocity
water parameter » water volume
Sampling the Ain River (photo: Graie)

Sampling the Ain River (photo: Graie)

Dam on the Rhône River (photo: CNR)

Dam on the Rhône River (photo: CNR)

Miribel site on the Rhône (photo: Graie)

Miribel site on the Rhône (photo: Graie)

The Rhône at Lyon  (photo: Graie)

The Rhône at Lyon (photo: Graie)

The Upper Rhône  (photo: P. Gaydou)

The Upper Rhône (photo: P. Gaydou)

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