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OZCAR-RI OHMCV Auzon catchment
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Gazel - Claduègne - Auzon
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Hydrometeorological and hydrosedimentary observations within 3 embedded catchments (3.4, 43, and 116 km2). Mediterranean climate with heavy rainfall and flash floods in automn. The upper part of the catchment is characterized by basalt formations, after which a sharp transition occurs where the lower two thirds is made up of sedimentary limestone rock. The soil types are heavily infuenced by the geology of the catchment. Main land use types are pastures,vineyards and forest. More information at http://mistrals.sedoo.fr/?editDatsId=1438
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Hydrometeorological extremes in the Mediterranean: intense rain events and subsequent flash-floods How can we improve forecasting of the most extreme rain events among the family of intense events? How can we improve forecasting of the hydrological response in a distributed way at the regional scale as a function of the continental surfaces characteristics (topography, geology, land use…) and initial state (soil moisture)? How can we mitigate the societal impact of such extreme events? How are these extreme events going to evolve in the coming century as the result of climate change and growing anthropic pressure?
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