LTER Slovenia

General Information
Belongs to
Verified member sites
16 sites
Borovec (LTER_EU_SI_8)
Brdo (LTER_EU_SI_7)
Cerknica Lake (LTER_EU_SI_002_002)
Fondek (LTER_EU_SI_5)
Gameljne (LTER_EU_SI_13)
Gropajski bori (LTER_EU_SI_6)
Gulf of Trieste (LTER_EU_SI_003)
Krakovski gozd (LTER_EU_SI_10)
Lake Bohinj (LTER_EU_SI_XX)
Lontovž (LTER_EU_SI_9)
Research Topics
environmental science Researched by 14 sites
meteorology Researched by 11 sites
ecology Researched by 8 sites
hydrology Researched by 7 sites
biology Researched by 6 sites
aquatic ecology Researched by 5 sites
chemistry Researched by 5 sites
Site Map
Covered Biomes

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