LTER-D (Germany)

General Information
Description of Network
The German network for long term ecological research LTER-D is a platform for communication, documentation and collaboration of scientists in long-term, system-oriented and interdisciplinary environmental research in Germany. It covers more than 30 sites and platforms performing long-term ecological research in all relevant ecosystem types from the high mountains to the Wadden Sea and even a marine site in the arctic ocean. The German LTER was founded in 2004 and closely linked to the activities of the European (LTER Europe) and the global LTER network ILTER. The further development of LTER-D is tightly tuned with LTER-Europe in order to make both networks powerful.
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Observed Properties
ecosystem parameter Researched by 37 sites
atmospheric parameter Researched by 22 sites
soil parameter Researched by 21 sites
biological parameter Researched by 21 sites
wind speed Researched by 18 sites
water parameter Researched by 18 sites
wind direction Researched by 17 sites
Site Map

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