KLTER (Korea)

General Information
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12 sites:
Ecological research site of Mt. Jirisan (LTER-EAP-KR-52)
Ecological research site of Mt. Jumbongsan (LTER-EAP-KR-51)
Gwangneung Experimental Forest (LTER-EAP-KR-2)
Jeju island (LTER-EAP-KR-5)
Mt. Gyebangsan (LTER-EAP-KR-1)
Mt. Jiri (LTER-EAP-KR-6)
Mt. Namsan (LTER-EAP-KR-9)
Mt. Wolaksan (LTER-EAP-KR-8)
Mt.Geumsan (LTER-EAP-KR-3)
Pyeongchang model forest
Observed Properties
atmospheric parameter Researched by 9 sites
ecosystem parameter Researched by 8 sites
biological parameter Researched by 7 sites
water parameter Researched by 2 sites
photosynthetically active radiation intensity Researched by 1 sites
water salinity Researched by 1 sites
soil parameter Researched by 1 sites
Site Map
Covered Biomes

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