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Oulanka Research Station (Oulanka LTER)
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Oulanka LTER
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Oulanka Research Station is part of the Infrastructure Platform and is situated in Kuusamo as a regional unit of the University of Oulu. The station is located in the Oulanka river valley within the Oulanka National Park (66°22'N, 29°19'E). The area lies within the boreal coniferous forest-zone (Taiga), where Norway spruce and Scots pine prevail. In the Oulanka river valley there are, also many alluvial meadows, stream mouths and crags supporting luxurious plant communities. The bedrock is calcium-rich in places. Bogs, fens and marshes as well as numerous springs, ponds and lakes, brooks and rivers characterize the landscapes. All these factors together create a diverse and exceptional rich environment with rich flora and fauna.In terms of temperature Oulanka has a continental climate. The coldest and warmest ever measured temperatures are -48.0°C and 32.1°C. The difference between the mean temperature of coldest (January, -15°C) and the warmest (July, 15°C) month is 30°C. The mean temperature for the whole year is c. -0.5°C (1967-2009).
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