afo_04a: Obergurgl, AT, grazing_exclusion diaspores 2009

Basic Information
Diaspores data (seed no., seed weight) of different species in different sites of Obergurgl are presented, in context to grazing and grazing-exclosure in subalpine and alpine grassland as well as in fens. Along an altitudinal gradient, permanent plots with size of 1 m² were recorded. Sites contain grazed (Co) and ungrazed (Ex) permanent plots. Ex = Exclosure site (ungrazed plots, plots within fences to exclosure grazing), Co = Control site (grazed plots, plots outside the fences). Fences and permanent plots were established in 2000. Data from recording year 2009 are presented. Grazing animals are sheep and horses. Data have been used for further analysis for the research center Berglandwirtschaft, Innsbruck.
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