Mar Piccolo of Taranto phytobenthic biomass 2007-2008

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Biomass data (g fw m-2) of macrophytes collected in four stations in the Mar Piccolo in the period October 2007-September 2008.
Presence of species is indicated by 0,01 value

In the period October 2007-September 2008, a sampling campaign was carried out in the Mar Piccolo of Taranto, to assess the biodiversity of macrophyte populations. Four coastal stations were monthly monitored, two in the First Inlet (A 40°29'30.50"N 17°14'08.29"E) (B 40°30'03.86"N 17°15'20.52"E) and two in the Second Inlet (C 40°29'38.99"N 17°19'22.87"E) (D 40°28'22.17"N 17°18'35.79"E). A total of 79 taxa were recorded: 18 Chlorophyta, 5 Ochrophyta, 54 Rhodophyta, 2 Tracheophyta. 4 species were non-indigenous (NIS). The Tracheophyta Ruppia cirrhosa was recorded for the first time in the basin.

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Petrocelli A., Cecere E. - Mar Piccolo phytobenthic biomass 2007-2008
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