afo_05: Obergurgl, AT, grazing_exclusion, seedling recruitment 2006-2007

Basic Information
In the Biosphere Reserve Gurgler Kamm near Obergurgl (Central Alps, Tyrol, Austria) multi factorial experiments were carried out in the lower alpine zone from 2005 to 2007 to investigate the effects of simulated trampling, seed addition, and a combination of these two treatments. Permanent plots of 1 m² were established within (= exclosures) and outside (= controls) of fences at three peat bog sites and in a Nardus stricta-community at about 2300 m a.s.l.
In autumn 2005 the following treatments were performed in the exclosures and controls, respectively: - artificial gap creation, - sowing of seeds collected in the study area and in the surrounding, - a combination of gaps x sowing.
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