Fine-scale grassland dynamics in open sand grasslands

Basic Information
We monitor fine-scale grassland dynamics in permanent plots in 16 grassland patches at an annual basis since 1999. Patches dominated by either Stipa borysthenica or Festuca vaginata were selected in 1999 in the Fülöpháza Sand Dunes, in the Kiskunság National Park. In each patch, we have one control plot and two plots that were experimentally disturbed (digging or cutting) in 1999. Percentage cover of all vascular species were visually estimated in each year. During the study period, several drought events occurred in the area (2000, 2003, 2012, 2013), which affected species dominance. Drought caused high mortality in both dominant species, but Stipa recovered faster after drought events and gained importance. Years with average or above-average precipitation favoured Festuca recovery.
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