LTER Zöbelboden, Austria, Vegetation data 1993 - 2021

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Long-term forest vegetation data from LTER Zöbelboden Austria (1993-2021). Over the 90 ha study area, a rectangular grid of 100 by 100 m with 10x10 m permanent plots at every grid corner and the middle points (totaling to 165, excluding rock outcrops, and young plantations of less than 20 years) was established in 1993. Vegetation resurveys were made in 2005, 2010, 2014, 2017 and 2021. All vascular plant species occurring at the plots were recorded and their cover was estimated. See further information in the methods section and in the following papers:
Hülber, K., T. Dirnböck, et al. (2008). Long-term impacts of nitrogen and sulphur deposition on forest floor vegetation in the Northern limestone Alps, Austria. Applied Vegetation Science 11: 395-404.
Helm, N., F. Essl, et al. (2017). Multiple environmental changes drive forest floor vegetation composition in a temperate mountain forest. Journal of Ecology and Evolution 7: 2155–2168.
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