Soil Properties in LTER Research Site Stubai Valley, Austria

Basic Information
The aim of the master thesis was to identify the soil organic carbon content (kg/m²) as a function of land use and pedogenic parameters. Therefor soil particle size distribution, bulk density, pH, organic carbon and total nitrogen contents were measured. The dataset provides values about physical and chemical soil parameters as well as the soil organic carbon (SOC) content at different soil depths (0-10cm, 10-30cm and 0-30cm) under varying vegetation cover (grasslands and forest) and elevation at the Modelregion Stubai Valley, Austria (municipalities Neustift + Fulpmes). The samples were taken in Summer 2012 and the measurements were conducted in fall 2012. For the SOC calculations paramters from 53 sites from earlier projects were added. The dataset also contains shapefiles representing the samplings sites and the sampling point distribution. The dataset also contains sampling points from earlier and present projects where C/N, NO3, NH4, soil type and pH values were measured.
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