afo_01: Obergurgl, AT, moraine1971, Micro- and Bio-climate, 1996-ongoing

Basic Information
Measurements of temperature and relative humidity in different altitudes and substrates at moraines of the glacier stage 1971 of the Rootmoos glacier.
Data from 1996 till 2019 are presented and will get updated.
Datasets (one per year) will be soon available at PANGAEA Data Publisher (

Parameters measured:
Soil temperature (°C) in 3 and 10 cm soil depth
Temperature (°C) under cushion of Saxifraga oppositifolia with fine- and coarse grained substrate
Temperature (°C) in Open Top Chamber (= OTC) and control area (= outside OTC) under cushion of Saxifraga aizoides
Air temperature (°C) in 50 and 200 cm height
Relative humidity (%) in 50 and 200 cm height

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