Bird monitoring in Samaria National Park

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199 bird species have been recorded in the White Mountains area, with the majority of which (108 species) passing through during their annual migration. Only 67 species nest in the White Mountains' area (49 permanently and 18 as summer visitors), whilst 24 more species hibernate here. A number of birds of prey are included in the reproducing species as are rock-nesting species. Samaria National Park is home to three large birds of prey, ie the Bearded vulture, the Griffon vulture and the Golden eagle. The importance of the Park's role in birds' biodiversity is marked out by it's declaration as one of BirdLIfe International's Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas.

A concise monitoring program is being conducted since 2013 to keep track of the species relative abundance and presence, with monitoring/sampling stations spread throughout the entire area pf the National Park, from sea-level to higher altitudes.
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