Appennino centro-meridionale: Majella-Matese - Italy

Submitted by Italy on Mon, 12/09/2013 - 19:42
Appennino centro-meridionale: Majella-Matese - Italy
Site Description
The site consists of “orographic islands” with high elevation vegetation in central Mediterranean basin, along the Apennines mountain range.
Majella: 26 plots are in Majella National Park, 15 plots belonging to the world network GLORIA, placed along an elevation gradient between dwarf shrublands and tundra vegetation (2400-2700 m a.s.l.), 6 plots refer to the study of population biology of endangered taxa and other 5 plots, ranging from 2400 to 2600 m a.s.l., refer to soil monitoring.
Matese: 10 plots in Matese mountains (1800-2000 m a.s.l.), included into the world network GLORIA, and characterised by high elevation grasslands.
There is EURO-CORDEX climate scenario data available for this site:
Projected Near Surface Specific Humidity ChangeRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Precipitation ChangeRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Sea Level Pressure ChangeRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Surface Downwelling Shortwave RadiationRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Near-Surface Wind SpeedRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Near-Surface Air TemperatureRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Daily Maximum Near-Surface Air TemperatureRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Daily Minimum Near-Surface Air TemperatureRCP26RCP45RCP85

You can also download the entire climate scenario dataset for this site from the EUDAT B2SHARE data store.