Rodna Mountains alpine zone - Romania

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Rodna Mountains alpine zone

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The site is located in the Eastern Carpathians (Romania). The predominant ecosystems are grasslands located above tree line, dominated by Carex curvula, Juncus trifidus (alpine zone) and Nardus stricta, Festuca airoides (subalpine zone). The site consists of monitoring points in subalpine and alpine meadows across the whole range of the Rodna Mountains.

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25 600.00ha

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Long-term inventory of above tree line grasslands, included in two monitoring facilities: 'TeaComposition initiative' (since 2016), and 'Opening new avenues to model the dynamics of species assemblages by integrating ecology and evolution' (ODYSSEE; since 2014). The purpose is to monitor ecosystem properties (vegetation composition and structure), tea bag decomposition, biomass, soil properties, microclimate.

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  • Microclimate readings
  • 'TeaComposition' initiative
  • 'TeaComposition' initiative
  • 'TeaComposition' initiative
  • 'TeaComposition' soil profile - BUH summit
  • 'TeaComposition' soil profile - GRO summit
  • 'TeaComposition' soil profile - REB summit
  • ODYSSEE initiative
  • ODYSSEE initiative


Latitude: 47.585075000000
Longitude: 24.635922000000