High resolution monitoring of water quality (Multiparameter Hydrolab-Sensors and PLSC_sensors) in the lake and the reed belt of Lake Neusiedl at Biological Station Lake Neusiedl

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High resolution recording of water quality and water hydrology by two types of sensors monitoring the open lake and reed belt sites at Lake Neusiedl: Hydrolab-Multiparameter sensors measuring temperature, oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity and chlorophyll-a; PLSC_sensors for water level, water temperature and water conductivity. The on-line recording of these sensors measures at high time resolution of every three minutes. The two types of sensors are located as follows (in alphabetical order):
Hydrolab-Multiparameter_Sensor - Neusiedlersee-Steg: N47°46.208’ & E016°45.129’
Hydrolab-Multiparameter_Sensor - Neusiedlersee-Ruster Poschn: N47°46.631’ & E016°45.187’
PLSC_Sensor - Neusiedlersee-Steg: N47°46.208’ & E016°45.129’
PLSC_Sensor - Bootshafen Biologische Station: N47°46.128’ & E016°45.976’
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