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Lower Tombigbee River NEON
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United States of America
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TOMB a relocatable aquatic field site is located on the Lower Tombigbee River and is the southernmost site in NEON's Domain 8: Ozarks Complex. It is also co-located with the terrestrial field site Lenoir Landing (LENO). Tombigbee River begins in Aliceville Lake on the Mississippi-Alabama border. The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway then flows across western Alabama in a highly meandering course, through Gainesville Lake and Lake Demopolis, where it is joined from the northeast by the Black Warrior River. South of Demopolis, the Tombigbee River flows generally south across southwestern Alabama through Coffeeville Lake. The river is part of the Choctaw refuge and is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of America. Remote sensing surveys of this site collect lidar, spectrometer and high resolution RGB camera data. This site has one meteorological station located in the riparian area. The met station is outfitted with a subset of the same sensors used at terrestrial sites. Measurements include wind speed and direction, air temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, shortwave radiation, and PAR. This site has one upstream sensor station and one downstream sensor station. Measurements include PAR, temperature, water quality [specific conductivity, chlorophyll a, dissolved oxygen content, pH, turbidity, and fluorescent dissolved organic matter (only downstream)], and nitrate is measured at the downstream station. Three groundwater wells throughout the site collect specific conductivity, water tempertaure, and elevation of groundwater. Field ecologists collect the following types of observational data at this site: aquatic organisms (Aquatic Microbes (surface water),macroinvertebrates microalgae, plants and macroalgae, zooplankton. Biogeochemical data on plants,sediment water and particulates.As well as physical aquatic data on bathymetric maps, stage,secchi depth and depth profiles, and riparian assessment. Total data products planned for this site: 68
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GERIThis site is a verified "GERI" member.
NEON (TOMB)This site is a verified "NEON" member.


TOMB middle of reach 2018

TOMB middle of reach 2018

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