Sugadaira Research Station, Mountain Science Center - Japan

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Sugadaira Research Station, Mountain Science Center

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Sugadaira Montane Research Center, established in 1934, is located on the mountain region of 1,300 m alt. in Nagano Prefecture, central Honshu-Island, Japan. In the extensive campus of the Center (35 ha), a sere of vegetation succession is well preserved, and seral stages of the secondary succession for the last one hundred years are sequentially and chronologically arranged: a Miscanthus grass field (A) - young pine forest (about 45 year-old) (B) - mature pine forest (about 60 year-old) (C) - older deciduous broad-leaved forest (about 100 year-old) (D).

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Thus well preserved filed, which enables us to observe the secondary vegetation succession and grasp its true image at a glance in such a restricted area, is a very precious being not only in Japan but in the world. Utilizing such a valuable environment, various studies and educational activities in the field sciences concerning the biodiversity, ecosystem, ecodynamics, weather, soil, stream etc. have been conducted by researchers and students from the University of Tsukuba and other domestic and foreign institutes. Our center is the most substantial in facilities, staff and environment among Japan as mountain field sciences research and education institutes. We aim at developing the Center as a world-wide base for the promotion of field sciences.

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Established in 1934.

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Latitude: 36.523600000000
Longitude: 138.347000000000