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Gobabeb is a Research Centre with accommodation, conference, laboratory and teaching facilities in Namibia's Namib-Naukluft National Park, about 65km from the coast on the northern bank of the ephemeral Kuiseb River. It is located at a point where three main habitats meet (ephemeral river, gravel plain and the Namib erg) and lies within the inland edge of the fog zone. It is the designated monitoring and research centre for the Namib Sand Sea World Heritage Site.

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1 200 000.00ha

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A centre for conducting research into all aspects of the arid systems of the Namib Desert, with a strong emphasis on long-term ecological monitoring. In addition to its own long-term ecological monitoring projects (>40 years darkling beetle survey) and weather record (>50 years), it has attracted a range of climate measuring instruments, managed by partner institutions from Germany, Switzerland, the United States, France and the UK. All of these projects have 10+ year horizons. It recently launched the FogLife initiative, which is an umbrella programme to bring together a number of projects that study aspects of the fog-biota link and to provide a long-term backbone for research that will bring a better understanding of the role of fog and the risks due to climate change. A key part of FogLife is the FogNet array of ten large weather stations run by Gobabeb (arranged in two transects on the gravel plains), as well as six smaller ones located within the Namib Sand Sea itself.

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Founded in 1962 as a satellite of the Transvaal Museum of South Africa, housing the Desert Ecological Research Unit (DERU). After Namibian Independence in 1990 transformed into the Gobabeb Training and Research Centre with strong emphasis on capacity development in addition to conducting, fostering and facilitating research projects.

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Latitude: -23.562153000000
Longitude: 15.040941000000