Brenna - Poland

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Brenna - Poland
Site Description
The Brenna monitoring site in the Silesian Beskid (Polish part of the West Carpathians) was established in 1991 and consists of a monitoring station (meteo parameters and air pollution level) at the elevation of 865 m a.s.l. and 7.5 ha and 50 ha catchments at the elevation of 750 m a.s.l under old spruce stand being under reconstruction.The main goals of the monitoring programme is the investigation of:
● Response of spruce stands to air pollution and forest management practice in the mountain area which has been influenced by emissions from the industrial complexes of Silesia and the Czech Republic
● The balance of nutrients in a small mountain catchment.
● Changes in floral characteristics
These monitoring activities have been continuing and moreover, the effect of forest management (falling, skidding) on soil (erosion) is monitored.
In 2016 the Particulate analyzers (PM10/PM2.5) (The Model 5030 Synchronized Hybrid Ambient Real-time Particulate SHARP Monitor) were installed at the station to measure the inflow of pollutants from industrial regions.Equipment for meteorological measurements is as follows:
Barometr LB-716, Thermohigrometer LB-710R, Wind Speed Meter LB-746, Pyranometer PQS1, Thermometer LB-711 (air and soil), Pluviometer RG50A.
Additionally, continuous measurements of ozone have been carried out since the nineties (Monitor Thermo Scientific).
There is EURO-CORDEX climate scenario data available for this site:
Projected Near Surface Specific Humidity ChangeRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Precipitation ChangeRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Sea Level Pressure ChangeRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Surface Downwelling Shortwave RadiationRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Near-Surface Wind SpeedRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Near-Surface Air TemperatureRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Daily Maximum Near-Surface Air TemperatureRCP26RCP45RCP85
Projected Daily Minimum Near-Surface Air TemperatureRCP26RCP45RCP85

You can also download the entire climate scenario dataset for this site from the EUDAT B2SHARE data store.