OZCAR-RI OHMCV Mont Lozère catchment - France

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OZCAR-RI OHMCV Mont Lozère catchment

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Mont Lozère

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Hydrometeorological and biogeochemical observations within 5 embedded catchments (from 0.2 to 14.5 km2). Alpine Mediterranean climate with heavy rainfall and flash floods in automn. The geology is mainly granite. The land use is mainly grassland and forest. More information at http://www.ohmcv.fr

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1 450.00ha

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Biogeochemical cycles Climate change Hydrometeorological extremes in the Mediterranean: intense rain events and subsequent flash-floods Erosion

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3 small catchments instrumented since 1980, for hydrological and hydrochemical cycles. Cjearfelling of the spruce catchmentn from 1987-to 1989, re-planted in 1989, with different tree species. Beech forest catchment without change Grassland burned every ten years, sheep grazing.

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  • Mont Lozère catchment - France
    Mont Lozère catchment - France


Latitude: 44.370000000000
Longitude: 3.820000000000