Curonian lagoon (Lithuanian part)

General Information
The Curonian Lagoon – the largest European lagoon – is a shallow water body (total area 1584 km2, mean depth 3.8 m; maximum depth 5 m). Situated in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, the lagoon receives water from the River Nemunas, the third-largest contributor (after the Vistula and Oder) of total nitrogen and phosphorus to the Baltic Sea). The salinity of the water in the northern part of the lagoon fluctuates between 0.1 and 7 PSU; marine, brackish and freshwater species inhabit the lagoon.The Curonian Lagoon lies along the Baltic coast of Lithuania and the Kaliningrad oblast (province) of Russia. The border between the two countries divides the lagoon into a smaller, northern part in Lithuania (413 km2) and a bigger southern part in Russia
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