Weed Flora survey from the lowlands in Northeast Germany 2000-2011

Basic Information
The dataset consists of a list of wildlife vascular plants growing on arable fields. A set of 43 single fields have been selected based on a representativenesss analysis of soil conditions ina way to covering all the occurring soil conditions and representing the regional frequencies of various soil conditions. A description of soil properties included can be demanded on request.  The weed flora survey was performed on an area of 25m² with three replicates on each field with regularily 2 temporal replications per year. Due to pest control obligations not every field was analysed every year, but the investigated pülots were fixed (GPS) every year. The data was compiled with various aspects (regional frequencies, abundances, variation over the sites). Additionally to the weed data, crop species abundance were measured and land use descriptions were listed. Summary of results from 2000-2011.
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